Dressage and Equestrian Games - About Us

We are here to show you just how to achieve your dream of becoming an equestrian. There are many organizations that are comprised of both professionals and enthusiasts, and you can really learn a lot from these instructors.

If you are already training with horses, then you may want to give some time back to these associations, or in online communities and forums, where you can provide and receive tips and tricks on improving your skills.

While training with horses there is nothing better than taking a short break to admire the taste of some sweets.

If you are interested in gifts there are many ideas available stables items, brushes and grooming equipment, boot bags, saddle cloths, pony books, horsey cards, stationery and mugs, models, cuddly ponies, t-shirts and many more! These gifts are suitable for any horse or pony loving individuals.

Contact us with your questions and suggestions.